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South Chicago Rising

South Chicago's total foreclosure rate is 36.6 percent, compared to the national rate of 1.1 percent according to data collected by Blockshopper.  Even more concerning is that the areas just south of 89th and east of Baltimore have a foreclosure rate of 66.7 percent. 

As the Mayor and elected officials talk about spending billions on a new 'Lakeside' development next to South Chicago, people in the community come together to take back a derelict property abandoned by a big bank.

Motion Graphics Samples

A medley of the motion graphics work Tim Brock produced over 2 years.  Much of his work focuses on revolutionary struggle.

Music - Thick by Lokua







Martinez Sutton "Who's Going to Take Responsibility for My Sister's Death?"

Martinez Sutton speaks out on the 3rd Anniversary of, his sister, Rekia Boyd's murder by Dante Servin, a Chicago Police Officer.







Trans Oral History Project:

Miss Major "Everybody Transitions"

Takin' Back Our Power

 The Empowered Fe Fes & DIVAS using modern dance to express their views about domestic violence among women and girls with disabilities.

The girls take ownership of this anti-violence project by selecting dance movements, dialogue, and music that keeps it real about their stories of pain and survival.  

F.L.Y. - Shut Down the Audy Home!

Youth violence continues because of the lack of positive investments in our youth. The Detention Center Spends over $40M each year locking up youth, FLY hold a rally to demand that money be reinvested in restorative justice programs in the neighborhoods where youth are getting locked up.

ChiChiCo Goes on a Magical Journey

The Chicago Childcare Collective (ChiChiCo) is a part of national movement of prioritizing kids by supporting the participation of parents and caregivers in community organizing, and by including kids in beautiful social justice work!

This is a fundraiser made for their annual trip to the Allied Media Conference in 2013. 

Anti FBI Raid

Mrs. Harris v. Harris Bank

Mrs. Harris, who recently turned 90, energetically fights to keep her family legacy.