SoJu Productions

Our vision is of a world that is just, equitable, and sustainable for all.



SoJu Productions is a media production organization that supports the creation of a just society through media as a function of community activism and outreach. The organization provides media resources for activists and organizations in the Chicagoland area for progressive and systemic social change.  



In our society, we believe in:

  • Stories -- we value people's stories as a means to understand the most pressing issues of our time.

  • Community Media -- we value the passing on of ideas, skills and strategies in the community from generation to generation.

  • Emergent Strategy --  we believe that wherever there is a problem, there are already people acting on the problem in some fashion. Understanding those actions is the starting point for developing effective strategies to resolve the problem.

  • Reflection -- we believe that we must make time to reflect and dig deep so that we can go to the root of the problems instead of simply reacting to the surface issues.

  • Social change activism – we believe in grassroots solutions (led by those who are effected) and community organizing as a vehicle for social transformation.

  • Hope and optimism – we believe that we will achieve our vision through social transformation.  Thus we spend time building alternatives to the current system.

  • Dismantling systems of oppression – we support the dismantling all systems of oppression including systems of privilege to knowledge and information.

  • Equity and Justice – we believe that resources should be available to everyone, but that equity doesn't always mean justice.  Thus we also believe that human rights are more important than property/corporate/state rights.

  • Whole selves -- we encourage people to engage with their whole selves, not just with one part of their identity.

  • Difference -- we value differing viewpoints and strategies and we believe that a plurality of efforts are necessary for radical social transformation to happen.

  • Collective Liberation


The question is one of fighting the causes and not just being satisfied with getting rid of the effects.

Che Guevara


What we do...

We offer video and photography services.

Whether it's delivering a compelling fundraiser, a charged call-to-action, or concise coverage of a direct action we specialize in supporting grassroots campaigns and organizations spread their message without the noise of the mainstream media.


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